About us

Orenburg Project Management Limited Liability Company was established in 2006.

From the moment of foundation till August 13, 2010 the Company had the title Cluster project LLC. In August 2010, upon the decision of the shareholders meeting, Cluster project LLC was renamed to Orenburg Project Management LLC. The company title change came from the strategic change of the main founder — OrenBurg CJSC (at present — OrenGroup CJSC), as well as was associated with development of a new company business trend — EPC Projects management.

At present, the abbreviated name OPM («ОПМ» in Russian) is commonly used.

The Company logotype designed in 2006 and registered as a trademark formed the backbone of the Holding Companies and Mother Company logotypes thus linking the visage of the Holding with its Companies having their own corporate color. The logo designed as cubes with three face color shades formed as upward directed arrowhead siginifies oriented pursuit of ambition and general development, preserving the identity and diversity. Blue color and its shades (azure) inherent to OPM traditionally express beauty, honor, faith, honesty, sincerity, clearity, perfection.

The Company activities:

  • Project management, general contractor services;
  • Logistics and procurement;
  • Engineering, design works management;
  • Engineering survey;
  • Engineering and geodetic support of C&A operations.

Company has offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk and Moscow.

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