Accomplished in 2007

Vankor Field development
Engineering services. Localization for Russian norms and standards on DD stage of the designed objects (wellpads, flowlines, IWSU, PS). Technical specifications for buildings construction on PS and IWSU. Development of Standard Engineering Specifications for production, supply and installation of administrative and supporting facilities and process buildings. Cost estimations
Client: VECO Caspian Ltd. for Rosneft-NTC, Vankorneft 

Chayvo Bay Bridge (Sakhalin island)
Construction execution plan for bridge cathodic protection
Client: ECC-VECO

Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline system
Gas pipeline pneumatic test project
Client: Argus Pipeline Services, LLC

Kaleykino PS – Nizhnekamsk Refinery oil pipeline
Engineering survey for pipeline facilities (PS, Pig Launchers/Receivers, crude oil delivery and acceptance point)
Client: Giprogazcentr, OJSC

Kharyaga field Phase 2 development 
Dismantling and decommissioning design of 3 pads, 30 km pipelines
Client: Total E&P Russia

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